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Technologies News   04-22-2019

Samsung’s Galaxy Wearable app has been having sign-in problems for days
Users are reporting log-in issues and a white screen of death
The Samsung Galaxy Wearable app has been down for the past several days, with hundreds of users reporting log-in and update issues. The issue affects Samsung Gear and 
Galaxy Watch Active watches, with the app freezing on a white screen when users attempt to sign in on their phones.
A thread on 
Samsung’s community forums, which was started last Thursday, now spans 65 pages of users reporting problems with the app. The issue appears to affect several Android devices ranging from Google Pixel phones to the OnePlus 6T, Moto G7, and the Xiaomi Mi 9.
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Nobody can sign into their Samsung account or update apps on the Galaxy Wearable app. Thread over 42 pages already. White screen appears when signing in. Affects Samsung Gear watches https://us.community.samsung.com/t5/Galaxy-Watch/Wearable-White-screen-When-Logging-in/td-p/585282 …
12 9:04 AM - Apr 21, 2019 See Gavin's Gadgets's other Tweets Twitter Ads info and privacy
Reviewer Gavin’s Gadgets reports that Samsung is now aware of the issue, and is actively working on a solution.
We’ve reached out to Samsung about the issue and will update if we hear back.

The company behind the dual-screen YotaPhone is bankrupt
We’ve moved on to foldables, but it was pretty novel at the time
We’ve been following Russia’s YotaPhone since 2012, but it seems like the saga of the power-sipping E Ink-backed dual-screen handset has come to an end. Yota Devices is bankrupt, reports Cnews.ru and Liliputing, pointing to a liquidation notice published in the Cayman Islands Gazette (PDF).
According to Russian media reports, it was a lawsuit that eventually wound up bankrupting the company. Yota’s manufacturer for the first two YotaPhones, Hi-P Singapore, 
sued for $126 million back in 2015 because YotaPhone reportedly refused to take delivery (and presumably pay for) the minimum number of phones it agreed to order. (In 2016, The Financial Times reported that the first two YotaPhones only sold around 75,000 units.) Hi-P had agreed to take $17 million instead, but apparently that deal fell through.
Truth be told, the YotaPhone hasn’t exactly been all that relevant to the west — or even Russia — in recent years. The company 
failed to ship the YotaPhone 2 to the United Statesin 2015 despite blowing past its Indiegogo crowdfunding goal, and by late 2016 it decided to pull out of Russia and Europe as well, shifting its operations to China instead.
With Chinese factories and Chinese investment, Yota apparently only ever wound up selling the latest YotaPhone 3 in China, despite promises it would appear in “Russia and other markets” as well. The YotaPhone 3 did win an iF Design Award in 2018, though.
Now, we’ll probably never see another YotaPhone. But if you’re interested in a multi-screen handset, 
a new wave of foldable devices might fill that hole in your heart.

NYC subway denies using ‘real-time face recognition screens’ in Times Square
The New York Metropolitan Transportation Authority has denied suggestions that it’s putting facial recognition cameras in the subway, saying that a trick designed to scare fare-dodgers was misinterpreted. “There is no capability to recognize or identify individuals and absolutely no plan” to do so with NYC subway cameras, says MTA spokesperson Maxwell Young.
Young was responding to a photo taken in the Times Square subway station by New York Times analyst Alice Fung, which shows a prominently placed monitor with the words “RECORDING IN PROGRESS” and “Please Pay Your Fare” superimposed on a video feed. “Hey @MTA, who are you sharing the recordings with?” 
Fung asked.


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